Douro Valley

Vieira de Sousa is a fifth-generation Port producing family, now led by a team of two sisters. The company was initially established by their great-great-grandfather, but after the devastation of Phylloxera in the late 1800s, the family was forced to sell the brand to retain their vineyards. 

They continued their craft and sold their wine in bulk to other Lodges until 2008, when led by Luísa and her father Antonío, they returned to bottling their own Port.

Working as a team, the two sisters have split responsibilities. Luísa, with her degree in oenology, is the head winemaker, and María, her younger sister, manages the business. 

The grapes they use come exclusively from their five different “Quintas” – all located along the Douro River and each with their own distinct micro-climates. The landscape is covered with sprawling manmade terraces that hold the xisto (schist) soil in place on steep slopes. The vines grow on the bank of the same river that traditionally carried these wines to Porto, the seaside export hub for which Port wine is named.

Alongside a wide range of classic and well-executed examples of Port, Vieira de Sousa now also produces lovely table wines from some of the region’s native varieties.


Fine Details
Established 1900, 2008
Total Bottle Production 80,000
Total Cases Production 6,667
Hectares Planted 60
Acres Planted 148.26
Farming Method Sustainable
… Since 2011
Certified non-certified