What time is it? Time for wine~

Located in the village of Lécera, which is 40 km or so away from the scenic city Zaragoza. The Yago Aznar family, generational proprietors of Bodegas Tempore, believe that a necessary component of wine making is to take the time to care for your land and your vines as living organisms. Quite literally, Tempore in Latin directly translates to “time” or “seedtime” as they like to refer to it at this estate.

Through 4 generations and a fervent passion for wine, this family wished to uphold the philosophy that the land, soil, and vines are deserving of the utmost respect.

With this mindset, they rooted themselves from the very beginning as an organic vineyard with minimal interference of the natural environment. Current owner of the estate, Paula Yago Aznar, preserves the methods of production she learned growing up on the estate, as well as adopting new ideas to enhance the essence of their land. Interestingly, Paula is one of few female winemakers in the male-dominated industry, which she believes gives her a natural advantage when it comes to connecting with the land. Working in harmony with the rhythms of the land is what makes wines from this estate so unique.


Fine Details
Established 1930, 2002
Total Bottle Production 300,000
Total Cases Production 25,000
Hectares Planted 80
Acres Planted 197.68
Farming Method Biodynamic
… Since 1993 (organic)
Certified Organic