Ann and James Frost’s beautiful estate, where they live with their seven sons, dates back to 1633. The couple inherited the farm from Ann’s parents in 1999, replanting the vineyards under the guidance of viticulturist David Booth and oenologist António Maçanito. They have since devoted themselves to turning the weed-filled, abandoned property into a small (less than 13 hectares) yet successful organic winery. The fertile, rolling hills of Quinta de Sant’Ana are quite romantic, and with the estate’s historical elegance it has become a destination spot for weddings.

This area of Portugal, about 20 miles north of Lisbon, was once known for producing bulk wine instead of quality wines, but Quinta de Sant’Ana has been more than successful proving that top quality wines can be made here. The Frosts have maintained a philosophy of valuing hospitality as well as their role in the local community over profits, and live and work by a creed of “common sense” and “good people – good work.” Their decades-long dedication to their farmlands and to crafting their wines, all while raising a large family, is inspirational.


Fine Details
Established 1630, 1969
Total Bottle Production 47,000
Total Cases Production 3,917
Hectares Planted 13
Acres Planted 32.12
Farming Method Organic
… Since 2019
Certified Organic