Bodegas Rueda Perez is found in the Spanish province of Valladolid, about 170 km northwest of Madrid. Winemaking here goes back to the 11th Century, when King Alfonso VI granted lands to both individuals and monasteries. During the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella, Valladolid University was one of the most important in Spain, and the province was the site of the royal couple’s wedding in 1469.

The Rueda DOP, established in 1980, is centered here around the town of Rueda. The appellation is best known for its production of the indigenous grape Verdejo. Skillfully grown on this farm, it is a hardy grape that is perfectly suited to the region’s hot, dry summers and harsh, often freezing winters.

The Rueda Perez family grows Tempranillo and Verdejo over 140 hectares. Although their estate on the banks of the Duero River was built in 2002, the family has had three generations devoted to winemaking (and counting). They take great care in the production of their wines, harvesting only on cool nights once the grapes have reached the perfect point of ripeness to maintain juicy acidity. Their respect for the land and dedication to their vineyards are the stuff exceptional wines are made of.


Fine Details
Established 3rd gen./winery built 2002
Total Bottle Production 700,000
Total Cases Production 58,333
Hectares Planted 140
Acres Planted 345.94
Farming Method Conventional?
… Since