The Provençal roots of Alain DeWelle’s family run deep in this sun-drenched paradise fifteen minutes east of Aix. His family’s written history goes back twenty-plus generations, farming the same piece of land, and anecdotally it goes even farther back than that. While working the land, Alain has found extensive Roman pottery and even prehistoric tools in the soil beneath his vines.
The Venus de Aix, a prehistoric fertility talisman, was unearthed here by his grandfather.

That this little farm with a babbling stream tucked in the valley between Mount Aurelius and Mont Sainte-Victoire has been appreciated by mankind for so long is not surprising.

Here it is idyllic; sunny, breezy, and nearly bursting with flora and fauna. Paul Cezanne’s studio was ten minutes away. When asked how long his family has farmed organically, he says “Always” waving his hand over his shoulder to represent generation after generation.

On this slice of perfection they’ve never needed to use any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers due to its perfect ecological balance.

Alain and his lovely wife Brigitte are themselves expressed through their wines. Incredibly charming but humble. Focused, bright, healthy and casual. Generous and smart but not at all intimidating. Provence personified.



Fine Details
Established pre-French Revolution
Total Bottle Production 200,000
Total Cases Production 16,667
Hectares Planted 30
Acres Planted 74.13
Farming Method 1/2 Organic
1/2 Biodynamic
… Since beginning
Certified Organic