Southern Rhone Valley

Mas de Libian has been in the Thibon family since 1670, originally a hunting lodge and manor house. In 1970 the wine cellar was built by Jean-Pierre Thibon, and today it is run by Jean-Pierre’s daughters, Hélène and Catherine, along with Hélène’s husband, Alain, and son, Aurélian. The estate is located in the village of St.-Marcel-d’Ardèche, on a hilly slope of the Rhône River, in the far north of the Southern Rhône Valley. Bracing winds, rocky terroir, and high altitude all contribute to the freshness and vibrancy of their wines.

The vineyards have expanded over the years to cover 25 hectares of vine, and the cellar was doubled in size in 2011. They also have fields set aside for growing olives, grains, vegetables, and flowers, and there is even a beehive. From the very start the farming here was done organically, as it has been here for generations. The plowing is done with workhorses, and hoeing by hand. No chemicals are used, and they avoid using sulfur as much as possible. With the goal of maintaining the balance of nature, and tending to their vines with respect to the rhythm of nature, Mas de Libian became certified biodynamic in 2005.


Fine Details
Established 1670
Total Bottle Production 110,000
Total Cases Production 9,167
Hectares Planted 25
Acres Planted 61.78
Farming Method Biodynamic
… Since 2005
Certified Biodynamic