Penedes, Catalonia

Among roaming plains and orchard-covered hills, Mas Codina is situated between misty mountainous ranges in the very heart of Alt Penedès.

In contrast to the sun soaked coasts of nearby Barcelona, this particular area experiences a cooler climate with heavier rainfall and perplexing fog permeating through the early mornings. Looming over the land, the peak of Montserrat keeps an ever-present gaze over the vines, protecting them from the drastic winds and heat from the Mediterranean. On a typical day, the current proprietors, and brothers Toni and Jordi Garriga, are taking immaculate care of their vines and working in the cellar. By staying in accordance with historical practices and modern organic methods, all of the work done to these grapes are by the hands of this family. Dating back to 1681, the Garriga family constructed their home on this hazy 40 hectares of land, and began cultivating grapes, making a living by selling their wine to other farms. Starting in 1985, then 17 year old Toni Garriga took initiative to begin bottling their wines on the premises.

As the generations changed, so did the technology and methods of creating wine, culminating in the recently certified organic productions of cava and exquisite wines.

Mas Codina has ancestry rooted in their vines, and represents everything we love about independent winegrowers.


Fine Details
Established 1681
Total Bottle Production
Total Cases Production 0
Hectares Planted 40
Acres Planted 98.84
Farming Method Organic
… Since
Certified Organic