Jerez, Andalucia

Rocío Áspera and her husband Alejandro “Alex” Narváez founded Bodega de Forlong, the culmination of a shared childhood dream to make wine. In 2007 they acquired an abandoned farm in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cádiz, in the heart of sherry country and once the property of a British merchant. The couple set about revitalizing the land and bringing their dream to life. They threw themselves into the study of winemaking, both receiving Masters’ in Viticulture, and Alejandro traveled abroad to hone his craft in elite French wineries. They released their first wines in 2012, and today they produce just 5,000 cases a year.

With an emphasis on quality over quantity, yet maintaining a playful approach, they have devoted themselves to local native grapes. These, unusually, include varieties most often used in the production of sherry, here in Jerez. The only certified Organic producer in the area, their vineyards are farmed biodynamically as well. They harvest by hand at night and ferment using only native yeasts. Little or no sulfites are added, allowing for the most natural wines possible and the most authentic expression of the terroir. The artisan wines carefully produced by Bodega de Forlong express a deep love for the land, the vines, and the joy of winemaking.


Fine Details
Established 2007
Total Bottle Production 60,000
Total Cases Production 5,000
Hectares Planted 14
Acres Planted 34.59
Farming Method Organic
… Since 2010
Certified Organic