Arching over this rolling estate stands the Moncayo range as warm winds blow from the Bay of Biscay. We are in the very heart of Ribera Baja de Navarra, we are at Viña Aliaga. Carlos Fernández-Aliaga follows in the footsteps of his father, Antoni Fernández, in the mission to create authentic wine from oenological innovations and traditional production methods. In the beginning, Antoni cultivatedá this land to grow grapes that were then sold to other wineries, however with new farming practices and means of winemaking, they were able to vinify and bottle on the estate.

Enthusiasm and passion for winemaking was in the family, and Carlos took over the estate and began new more environmentally conscious practices.

The concept of family and their relationship with the land is uniquely important to Carlos and Antoni. Each of the 80 hectares of this estate are named after a grandchild of the Fernández-Aliaga family, quite literally mapping out their family lineage on the very vines they grow from.

The average age of the vineyards here range from 25 to 50 years old, making the grapes grow alongside with the generations of this family.

This estate showcases the connection between family and winemaking, and how these things together create something we can all appreciate.


Fine Details
Established 1950/1999
Total Bottle Production 250,000
Total Cases Production 20,833
Hectares Planted 85
Acres Planted 210.04
Farming Method Sustainable
… Since
Certified Sustainable