Euskadi (Basque Country)

The Akarregi Txiki vineyards are located in the coastal Basque Country town of Getaria, which is the oldest and, perhaps, most important appellation that produces Txakoli. It is also famous as the hometown of Juan Sebastián Elcano, the first person to circumnavigate the globe by ship. Elcano’s image can be seen on Akerragi Txiki’s bottles, along with the motto of the coat of arms given to him in recognition of this feat by Emperor Charles V: “Primus Circumdedisti Me (You Went Around Me First).” Getaria overlooks the stormy Bay of Biscay, whose bracing winds infuse their grapes with telltale Txakoli salinity, affirming this locale’s deep-rooted connection to the sea.

The Eizmendi-Garrastazu family has been making wine from indigenous Basque grapes in this farmhouse since 1941. In 1996, a new winery was set up and new winemaking techniques were introduced, elevating the quality of their wines even further. The grapes on their 17-hectare vineyard are hand-picked, and they have been certified as a Sustainable producer since 1989. The family’s meticulous attention to detail, married with rigorous quality control, yield stunning results in the form of their exceptionally elegant yet staunchly traditional wines.


Fine Details
Established 1941
Total Bottle Production 186,000
Total Cases Production 15,500
Hectares Planted 17
Acres Planted 42.01
Farming Method Sustainable
… Since 1989
Certified Sustainable