Estate wineries fit clearly into today's conscientiousness of buying from local farmer's markets and paying attention to what we eat and drink. Disappearing today, they are wineries that grow all of the grapes that go into the wine. Simply put: these producers are as much farmers as they are winemakers.

Wine Authorities will raise the level of wine knowledge and the quality of the wine buying experience in the Triangle market. We will accomplish this by basing our business on our five-point foundation:

  1. SELECTION: Feature no more than 500 selections, specializing in estate grown wines from small, up-and-coming, family- owned wineries from around the world. All wines cost less than $50 a bottle with a focus on high-quality, everyday "drinking" wines instead of "collector" wines. Quality, integrity, and "typicity" are our standards.

  2. TECHNOLOGY: Focus on bringing user-friendly technology to the world of wine, and fun creativity to displays and merchandising. Customers can view, rate and leave notes on all of their purchases using our website, All of this including color label shots and our colorful descriptions are found under the tab "My Cellar". Our Enomatics allow customers to sample or drink a wide selection of wine anytime the store is open. WATV, from our website, allows our farmer/winemakers to tell you their story in the form of short, stream-able videos.

  3. EDUCATION: Focus on teaching wine education to people of all levels of knowledge; from the first-time novice to seasoned professionals in the wine business. The store is filled with hand-painted mural-maps showing the great appellations of the world, while our custom mobile wine racks allow us to transform the store into a formal wine classroom after-hours complete with big screen video presentations.

  4. COMMUNITY: Community support for Durham and our neighbors. We foster partnerships with like-minded independent businesses and strive to spend our dollars with local vendors and local businesses. As well as building the store using many recycled and renewable resources we support our community through continuous charitable giving and awareness.

  5. COMFORT: Embracing both male and female shoppers by creating a comfortable, bright, well-displayed, clean and easy to shop environment. We welcome good children and provide a safe play area for them to enjoy. We provide unparalleled customer service to make wine selections easy and will carry any purchases out to your car, van, truck or bike.