2015 Ciró Rosso Classico Superiore (Calabretta, Cataldo)

Azienda Agricola Calabretta, Ciró Rosso Classico, Calabria, Italy, 2015

100% Gaglioppo


Calabrian estate wine is something of a rarity; many small producers will sell their juice to a larger producer, or else be involved in a co-op. So it's just shy of a minor miracle that Cataldo Calabretta has been farming his land and making his own wine since 2008. The land has been family-owned for 4 generations. His Cirò Rosso is made from the native tongue-twisting Gaglioppo grape, and it shines with tongue-pleasing bright cherry and berry fruit, with grippy but well-tamed tannins, with a background of fennel root and violets. Bonus fun fact: the tool on the label is called an arciglione, and is used to prune vines; Cataldo's grandfather passed it down to him.

Serving Suggestion: Ciambotta - a spicy stew of eggplant, tomato, chilis, onion, & herbs. Wide pasta noodles tossed w/ spicy sausage, pine nuts, red onion, chickpeas, & olive oil.

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