2016 Merlot Cabernet (Bedin)

Bedin, Merlot Cabernet, Marca Trevigiana, Veneto, Italy 2016

60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon


Surprisingly, Merlot is the most widely planted red grape in north eastern Italy dating back hundreds of years. Actually, it's not a surprise, because it is known as the "ultimate weapon" there, producing delicious value wines all the way up to stunningly fine wines. Though originally a French variety, this one from our friends at Bedin still has that classic Italian flair. A wine for the table, it is refreshing and accessible, while the Cab gives it an edgy character that keeps it engaging. A Wine Authorities exclusive!

Serving Suggestions: Quail, stuffed with sausage and oregano, browned with butter, garlic and lemon juice.

$7.99 each