2015 Blanc "Les Jacquaires" (Colombière, Chateau La)

Chateau La Colombière, Blanc "Les Jacquaires", Southwest, France 2015

{organic} 50% Mauzac, 50% Len de l'El


This adventurous blend from our friends at Fronton's Chateau La Colombière features a pair of grapes which aren't typically associated with the Fronton region, itself, but its closest neighbor to the east, Gaillac. Mauzac, a varietal whose reputation for excellent quality extends back into the sixteenth century, lends it's firm, apple-like flavors while the rarer Len de l'El grape asserts its dynamically floral perfume and waxy, oily richness on the palate. While not utterly traditional, this exotic cuvée showcases two of the Sud-Ouest's indigenous stars – ones that we don't get to taste as often as we'd like.

Serving Suggestion: Leek & cucumber salad w/ walnut, violet-infused vinegar, & fennel pollen. Soft, whole grain corn tacos w/ grilled fish, pineapple salsa, & pinto beans.

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