Tawny, 10 Year (750 ml) (Andresen)

Andresen, 10 Year Tawny, Porto, Portugal


When one thinks of Porto, Portugal, they envision the massive Port Houses lining the Douro, as it meanders through the city and into the open waters of the Atlantic. Andresen, which was founded in 1845, has the distinction of being one of the few remaining family-owned estates, continuing to create fine Ports in all styles. This 10 year old Tawny is a fantastic representation of what a Tawny port can be. Aged in older oak casks, the wine showcases robust, nutty aromatics follwed by dried fruit and toastiness on the palate, while presenting the perfect balance of sweetness and maturity. Great as a pre-cursor to a lazy afternoon, an after dinner drink, or with some dessert. Who are we kidding?! Perfect for when life calls for a little decadence and sweetness.

Serving Suggestion: Serra da Estrela (sheep’s milk) cheese & roasted almonds. Crème brûlée w/ a side of baked figs. Apple Pie a la Mode.

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