Fino Sherry "Chipiona" [375ml] (Cesar Florido, Bodegas)

Bodegas Cesar Florido, Fino Sherry "Chipiona” [375ml], Jerez, Spain NV

{organic} 100% Palomino


Brimming with an almond-like waxiness, savory mystique, and a powerful suggestion of salinity (without any actual saltiness, obviously), this is a wine that you may find yourself wanting to eat as much as drink. It’s perplexing, perhaps, that it can manage to be as clean as refreshing it is. This is the coveted conundrum of Fino! Completely dry and clocking it at a relatively gentle 15% alcohol, this isn’t as much an acquired taste as it is a friend you’ve always known you’ve had but haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting.

Serving Suggestion: Marcona almonds are practically its soulmate. Seafood spreads (even our Carolinian Calabash stylings) are a dream.

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