Vermouth de Chambéry, Rouge (Dolin)

Dolin, Vermouth de Chambéry AOC, Rouge, Savoie, France NV

Fortified wine with up to 54 different plants/herbs infused

The only AOC certified Vermouth


Using the same base recipe since 1821, Dolin is the Vermouth of choice. Located in Chambéry, high in the French Alps, this estate still uses real plants and herbs rather than extracts to infuse the base wine for Vermouth. The red style is generally a touch sweet and the color comes from the caramelized sugars and plants, not red wine or coloring agents in commercially produced Vermouths. The finished Vermouth has a much higher percentage of real wine than mega producers. This red Vermouth will make your Manhattan majestic, a righteous Rob Roy and a perfect Pacifica. To this day, Dolin is the only AOC Vermouth and the last remaining producer in their region. Switching to Dolin will have a major taste impact on your cocktails.

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