2020 Vinho Verde Rosé (Socalcos do Bouro (Corina Maria Pereira Antunes Almeida))

Socalcos do Bouro, Vinho Verde Rosé, Vinho Verde, Portugal 2020

{organic} 100% Padeiro de Basto (Espadeiro)


Rosé Vinho Verde is not easily found and should not be missed! Socalcos do Bouro is at the forefront of producing uncharacteristically rich yet still refreshing wines in this northern part of Portugal, known for Vinho Verde (“green” wine made from tart, underripe grapes). Their rosé features a varietal few wine drinkers outside of the Minho encounter, but one that yields explosive, expressive berry-ish flavors and finishes here with a fun, zesty fizziness.

Serving Suggestion: Truta à Minhota (trout stuffed w/ smoked ham). Lotus root & sweet potato tempura w/ shiso & ponzu aioli.

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