2020 Getariako Txakolina Rosado (Akarregi Txiki)

Akarregi Txiki, Txakoli Rosado, Pays Basque, Spain 2020

50% Hondarribi Beltza, 50% Hondarribi Zuri


Glowing a luminous shade of pink, this rare offering from the enchanting north of Spain’s Basque country is unique and unparalleled. A pristine, glimmering gem, its faint spritz accentuates flavors that reflect the wine’s cool, Atlantic origins, with the added bonus of a lower alcohol level. Firm acidity, an herbaceousness that recalls fresh strawberry caps, impressive minerality, and a hallmark citrusy spark all transport you to Akarregi Txiki’s idyllic vineyards overlooking the bay of Biscay.

Serving Suggestion: Roasted red pepper & tomato soup w/ goat cheese. Fried, ham-stuffed sardines w/ lemon. Fried squid w/ minted pea salad.

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