2020 Bordeaux Rosé ''La Croix Blanche'' (Grand Portail, Chateau)

Chateau Grand Portail, Bordeaux Rosé "La Croix Blanche", Bordeaux, France 2020

{sustainable} 100% Cabernet Sauvignon


Clocking in at a super-summery (but, frankly welcome year-round) alcohol % of 12.5, this dancingly bright rosé evaporates on the tongue while not lacking in intrigue or nuance. The Entre-Deux-Mers stretch of Bordeaux gives us the lion’s share of the region’s vibrant whites, and this pink take on Cabernet Sauvignon is an absolute delight that manages to taste like the famously intense variety while having an appeal that’s completely different.

Serving Suggestion: Prosciutto & fresh blackberries w/ citrus vinaigrette-drizzled arugula. Margherita pizza w/ ricotta & tangy olives.

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