2020 Bugey Gamay (Angelot, Maison)

Maison Angelot, Bugey Gamay, Savoie, France, 2020

{sustainable} 100% Gamay


Bugey wines rarely see outside of the region, as only a small percentage of them are exported. Here, brothers Eric and Phillippe Angelot deliver another beautifully-made and wonderfully slurpable wine. As its colorful label suggests, this wine is a bottle of fun! Light-bodied and chillable, it lends itself exceptionally well to a wide range of cuisines. Enjoy this bottle with some friends, old or new, and sip the night away!

Serving Suggestion: Char-grilled salmon w/ avocado, cucumber, & dill salad. Hasselback butternut squash w/ garlic-sage butter.

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