2020 Rosé "Eleon'Or" (Herbauges, Domaine des)

Domaine des Herbauges, Rosé "Eleon'Or", Loire Valley, France 2020

60% Grolleau Noir, 40% Gamay


While this rosy refresher comes to us from the lakeside land of Muscadet, it features a variety best known for its rosé work in the Middle-Loire’s Anjou. This, however, is quite different from the fleshier, classically less-dry rosés from the Loire lore of yore. At a thirst-quenchingly meager 11.5% alcohol and teaming with tongue-tingling acidity, this pretty pink is practically the promised land of rosé refreshment.

Serving Suggestion: Mac & cheese-style cauliflower casserole w/ blistered green beans & garlic-miso sauce. "General Tso’s" fried tofu w/ lo mein & baby corn.

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