2020 Grolleau Gris "Collection Plaisir" (Herbauges, Domaine des)

Domaine des Herbauges, Grolleau Gris, Loire Valley, France 2020

{organic} 100% Grolleau Gris


Grolleau Gris is the lighter skinned, pink-ish variant of a once-ubiquitous Loire grape responsible for an ocean's worth of crisp rosés and light-bodied reds. We don’t encounter Grolleau-based wines as much as we once did, and Grolleau Gris is an outright rarity! Thankfully, this rendition from Jérome Choblet, while made in very limited quantities, makes up for all the years that we didn’t know we were missing the variety. Hailing from the Atlantic reaches of the Loire’s Muscadet country, this not-quite-effervescent white tingles with mouthwatering acidity, summery fruit, and that spirit of adventure that can only come from drinking wine made from exotic grapes. Cheers!

Serving Suggestion: Maki sushi w/ snapper, salmon, pickled plum, & cucumber. Vegetarian bibimbap (and other lighter, medium-spicy Korean dishes).

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