2020 Rosé "B" Hauterive (Bouysse, Domaine la)

Domaine la Bouysse, Rosé "B", Languedoc, France, 2020{organic} 35% Cinsault, 34% Syrah, 31% Grenache


While we can't necessarily concur that this delightful pink sipper has the back label's described "obstinacy in the finish," it is tangy and ripe with super-youthful, freshly-fermented aromas. Albeit brimming with tons of bright fruit, there's a complex touch of earthiness to stave off any accusations of simplicity. Straight out of the southwestern Languedoc's Corbieres, Bouysse continues to build an impressive and varied catalogue of the region's signature reds as well as zesty whites and substantially refreshing rosés like this beautiful creature.

Serving Suggestion: Seared tuna on a bed of julienned slaw w/ sesame & ginger. Caprese salad w/ strawberry balsamic reduction & Himalayan salt.

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