2020 Pineau d'Aunis Rose (Rochette, Domaine de la)

Domaine de la Rochette, Pineau d'Aunis Rose, Loire Valley, France 2020

{sustainable} 100% Pinot d'Aunis


Pineau d’Aunis, a grape with a storied history in France’s Loire Valley - particularly the northernmost regions lying above Touraine, is a cool-climate specialist. While it is increasingly well-regarded for its very distinctive, earthy reds, its best known role is that of being vinified as pretty, subtle, yet characterful rosés. It’s perfectly cast in this offering from Domaine de la Rochette, acting as an ambassador for the variety’s strengths while also simply serving up a deliciously refreshing, crisp, clean sipper.

Serving Suggestion: Baked trout w/ dill, fennel pollen, & lemon crème fraiche. Mild green papaya salad w/ toasted peanuts, fish sauce, & scallions.

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