2020 Picpoul de Pinet ''Black Label'' (Grangette, Domaine La)

Domaine La Grangette, Picpoul de Pinet "Black Label" Coteaux de Languedoc, France, 2020

{organic} 100% Picpoul


In the Languedoc, not far from Montpellier, the sun shines warmly and smiles are wide as large quantities of Picpoul are swirled and sipped near the coast. The smell of the sea is in the air, and this immensely refreshing wine is a party in every bottle. Break out the oysters, shellfish and picnic baskets. Picpoul is best young and fresh, served well-chilled to hot, thirsty and hungry friends at the beach or pool.

Serving Suggestion: Raw oysters w/ plenty of mignonette & lemon. Tempura vegetables w/ citrusy aioli. Creamy shrimp salad w/ garlic crostini.

$11.99 each