2017 Bourgogne Blanc "Les Chenes" (Tripoz, Domaine)

Domaine Tripoz, Bourgogne Blanc "Les Chenes", Burgundy, France 2017

{biodynamic} 100% Chardonnay


Though this cuvée from our friends, Céline & Laurent Tripoz, may take its name from the fact that it sees a short period of oak aging in a combination of new and older barrels, oak is far from this gorgeous white's foremost defining characteristic. Brimming with a waxy yeastiness that resembles that of some champagne and a winning combination of golden apple and tangy tropical fruit, this classical southern white Burgundy allows its time in oak to reveal itself as a delectable toasty spice that is as subtle and as integrated as it is sumptuous.

Serving Suggestion: Panfried trout in a buttery white burgundy sauce w/ pickled white asparagus salad. Chanterelle quiche w/ dill & mustard.

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