2020 Txakoli de Alava 'Xarmant' [4 pack 250ml cans] (Artomaña Txakolina)

Artomaña Txakolina, Txakoli de Alava "Xarmant", Pay Basque, Spain, 2020 [4 pack, 250ml cans]

{sustainable} 70% Hondarribi Zuri, 10% Hondarribi Zuri Zerratia, 10% Izkiriota (Gros Manseng), 10% Izkiriota Ttippia (Petit Manseng)


Txakoli de Alava (AKA Arabako Txakolina) is the most southerly, furthest inland, and most arid subregion of the three enclaves of Spain's Basque Country that make up Txakoli country. This is refreshingly sharp by itself and positively tremendous with salty, savory food such as Spanish anchovy fillets, fried sardines, olives, and Marcona almonds. Endlessly invigorating and intriguingly complex, this is so much more than just another spritzy face.

Serving Suggestion: Steamed or marinated asparagus, high quality anchovies, sautéed baby squid, white beans in vinaigrette.

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