2017 Pinotage (Beaumont)

Beaumont Family Wines, Pinotage, Bot River, South Africa, 2017

{sustainable} 100% Pinotage


We’re absolutely not trying to cuss Pinotage, but we’ve no choice but to open with the undeniably backhanded compliment that this is a particularly (dare we say peculiarly?) elegant example of the variety. The uniquely South African Cinsault/Pinot Noir crossing is infamous for its smoky, meaty (even gamy) persona. This rendition keeps a bit of that in sight, for sure, but it’s also got a poise and balance rarely encountered in wines made from the grape. Dating back to the 1700s, Beaumont’s cellar was originally operated by the legendary Dutch East India Company. Its contemporary history began in the mid 70s when it was purchased by the Beaumonts.

Serving Suggestion: Mesquite brisket w/ mission fig-port gastrique & potato skin frites. Loaded baked sweet potato w/ refried black beans, cilantro, avocado, & smoked paprika.

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