2018 Blaufränkisch Eisenberg (Jalits)

Jalits, Blaufränkisch Eisenberg, Burgenland, Austria 2018

100% Blaufränkisch


Blaufränkisch, the Burgenlandian OG (often upstaged by its more famous offspring, Zwiegelt), is Austria’s deeper, darker native red (or “blue” variety, as they say). Quintessentially Central European, the grape is among the most important grapes of the Czech Republic and Hungary, but its Burgenland home turf is where it does its best work. The Eisenberg (Iron Mountain) DAC of southern Burgenland is especially homed in on the variety’s strengths, its stony, crystalline vineyards imbuing wines with enhanced structure and elegance. Why be blue?

Serving Suggestion: Perfect with classic Wiener Schnitzel or other succulent fried meats (think Yakitori with asparagus & soft-boiled quail egg). Eggplant tempura. Shiitake tempura.

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