2019 Soave Classico (Guerrieri-Rizzardi)

Guerrieri-Rizzardi, Soave Classico, Veneto, Italy, 2019

Mostly Garganega a dash of Chardonnay and Verdicchio


Like other great Italian wines, Soave is fighting back against its popularity, a victim of that most sincere form of flattery - imitation. This is the real deal, grown in two of the best vineyard sites in Soave. Rizzardi produces a rich, classic Soave: subtle in its aromas, evocative of yellow pears and crisp green apples, a slice of cantaloupe, a bouquet of spring flowers, and fresh rain. This is a Soave to take back its good name from the bottom shelf of the grocery store, climb to the top of the Castle of Soave (yes, it's a real place, and it overlooks these vineyards): Ricco Soave!

Serving suggestions: Pancakes & eggs. Fish/shellfish (frutti di mare!), lobster risotto w/ asparagus. As an aperitivo.

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