2018 Freisa (Casaccia, La)

La Casaccia, Freisa, Piemonte, Italy 2018

{organic} 100% Freisa


A tiny ruin in Italy's Piemonte produces some of the areas most expressive wines. The land was bestowed to the Rava Family by Genoese aristocracy and yields spectacular yet humble results – now bottled bearing the "La Casaccia" royal seal. This particular wine’s star is the little known varietal, Fresia, which is a close relative to Nebbiolo and produces wines with a similar brightness and fragrance while remaining lighter, gentler, and more immediately approachable. The flavors of tart strawberry and raspberry are at the forefront of this gem of a wine. Freshly cut herbs and fragrant violets are also on the nose and the palette, accentuating the bold tannins and tangy acidity. 

Serving Suggestion: Veal piccata & fried capers. Risotto w/ prosciutto, snow peas, & fresh mint.

$16.99 each