2014 Vin Santo "Occhio di Pernice" (La Vialla, Fattoria)

Fattoria la Vialla, Vin Santo “Occhio di Pernice", Tuscany, Italy 2014

{biodynamic} Sangiovese & Trebbiano Toscano


Arguably, the finest Tuscan dessert wine is Vin Santo (meaning either “holy wine” or “saint’s wine”), and the rarest of those is Occhio di Pernice. Made with dried Sangiovese grapes, it’s rich, with endless layers of dried fruits and nuts. Sweetness is tempered by light tannins and cleansing brightness, as if the heavens are shining down on you while you sip. It’s the eye of the partridge, it’s the thrill of the wine, rising up to cin cin with the angels.

Serving Suggestion: Rich, creamy cheeses, especially blues! Classic Italian pairing of almond biscotti dunked right in; the bitterness of the almonds balances the sweetness.

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