2019 Cotes du Rhone Rouge "La Calade" (Mas de Libian)

Mas de Libian, Cotes du Rhone Rouge "La Calade", Southern Rhone, France 2019

{biodynamic} 90% Mourvedre, 10% Grenache


A cuvée made precious as much by its exoticism as its rarity, "La Calade" takes its name from the prized stoney soil of one of the finest growing sites in the Southern Rhone. Showcasing a decidedly elegant side of the monstrous Mourvedre grape, this wine resonates with dense purple energy, enchanted wildness, and the mysterious potpourri of Mediterranean France. The Thibon sisters of Mas de Libian never fail to produce highly memorable wines with unique personalities.

Serving Suggestion: Mmmm, Mourvedre and lamb are such extraordinary bedfellows that we really need look no further for a fantastic pairing. Look to North Africa for inspiration incorporating saffron, cumin, & cinnamon accompanied by couscous.

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