2017 Vlahiko (Glinavos, Domaine)

Domaine Glinavos, Vlahiko, Ioannina, Greece 2017

{organic} Vlahiko and a little Bekhari


The remote mountains of Greece’s Ioannina are wild, wooded, and home to, perhaps, some of the most interesting wines and unique varieties you’ve (likely) never encountered. Vlahiko is one such grape, and its reputation as an well-kept secret, virtually invisible to all but a few adventuresome initiatees outside of its sparsely-populated region of origin, is both intriguing and deserved. So what’s it like? This elegantly earthy rendition is an old-world delight with vibrant acidity and yet an impression of round, silky suppleness adorned by a kiss of creamy vanilla courtesy of two years in French oak.

Serving Suggestion: Pork tenderloin w/ smoked cheese. Flaky leek, spinach, & mushroom pie w/ grated sheep’s milk cheese.

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