2018 Franconia (Visintini)

Visintini, Franconia, Colli Orientali, Friuli, Italy 2017

100% Franconia (Blaufrankisch)


At the very northeastern edge of Italy, less than four miles from its border with Slovenia, the Visintini siblings Cinzia, Palmira, and Oliviero continue the good work of their great-grandfather, Domenico, who bought the estate in the late 1800s. Their cellar dates to the 1200s. There is some serious history here, but the winery, itself, is very modern. This juicy Franconia is hand-harvested and fermented in cement tanks, and that's all they do; their work in the cellar is minimal, but their work in the vineyards is extensive. With certified organic vines moving toward biodynamic, the Visintinis are continuing the 800 year legacy of their land.

Serving Suggestion: Braised venison w/ cherry-pancetta reduction sauce. Pizza with feta, gorgonzola, & spicy sausage.

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