2018 Malbec "I" (Pulenta)

Pulenta Estate, Malbec "I", Alto Agrelo, Mendoza, Argentina 2018

100% Malbec


This cuvée's title (simply the roman numeral "I" ) identifies the Malbec grape, not surprisingly, as the Pulenta family's first priority. Eschewing the ultra-concentrated and monstrously fruity style of many contemporary Argentine Malbecs, they've focused on the balance which is possible between elegance and power. A delicate smoky finesse derived from aging in large French oak barrels supplements and supports the varietal's trademark flavors of black fruit and chocolate. The Pulenta family, descendants of Italian immigrants, represent three generations of viticulture in Argentina.

Serving Suggestion: Grilled flank steak with a cilantro and parsley chimichurri. Potato empanada with ground beef, cilantro, and garlic.

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