2018 Silvaner "Alte Reben" Trocken (Dr. Heyden)

Dr. Heyden, Silvaner "Alten Reben" Trocken, Rheinhessen, Germany, 2018

{sustainable} 100% Silvaner


Old vine Silvaner is a true rarity in Germany's Rheinhessen. While it remains the second most planted grape (after Riesling) in Germany, it has always been in the shadows. In fact some have even accused it of neutrality. So, Frank Heyden quietly makes this from old vines, and the quality shines so brightly that all shadows disappear in a fresh, zesty, mouth-wateringly delicious wash of Silvaner-ish-ness. Juicy and floral from start to finish, this is a great example of coaxing the best from a grape.

Serving Suggestion: We had this with Frank's mom's carrot soup, smoked trout, and artisanal cold cuts. Everything works with this Silvaner! Very versatile!

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