2019 Tejo Branco "Encosta do Vale Galego" (Cordeiro, Adega M.)

Adega M. Cordeiro, "Encosta do Vale Galego" Branco, Tejo, Portugal 2019

{sustainable} 45% Fernão Pires, 35% Arinto, 20% Malvasia


Making big reds is the passion of João Cordeiro and his father Manuel, but the quality of their vineyard shines in this white cuvée. It's uncommon to find whites with such elegance hailing from a hot spot like Portugal's Rio Tejo but grapes like Arinto and Fernão Pires are natives of this sunny region and perfectly adapted to retain freshness, even in the face of ever-hotter summers. The limestone soil and hilly site of the Cordeiro vineyard are a luxury in this largely flat riverbed region and give this humble white a delicate minerality. Fun fact: One of the world's largest dinosaur footprint sites was found just a few miles from the vineyard.

Serving Suggestion: Salt cod fritters w/ potato, onion, & garlic. Midsummer tomato sandwich: Fat, in-season, local tomatoes, Duke's mayo (don't skimp), sliced radish, & healthy sprinkling of Maldon salt on a Martin's potato roll... maybe get Iberian and work some anchovies in there too.

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