2019 Riesling Trocken "Sandstein" (Gysler, Alexander)

Alexander Gysler, Riesling Trocken "Sandstein", Rheinhessen, Germany 2019

{biodynamic} 100% Riesling


“Sandstein,” unsurprisingly refers to the sandstone vineyard site that the vines responsible for this cuvée call home. If judging a book by its cover is a bad idea, then choosing a wine by its label is similarly unwise. Yet here is a wine whose label actually does speak volumes aesthetically. Alexander Gysler proudly “strives for less,” and the minimalism, elegance, and utopian purity of his wines are almost architectural, tangible elements on the tongue. This offering perfectly encapsulates the essence of contemporary, dry Rheinhessen Riesling – robustly ripe yet enticingly acidic, agile, and angular. 

Serving Suggestion: Lightly smoked trout w/ capers & spaghetti squash w/ lemon, garlic, & butter. "Country brunch” w/ hickory bacon, poached eggs, & citrusy asparagus / tomato salad.

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