2019 Loureiro "Colheita Selecionada" (Socalcos do Bouro (Corina Maria Pereira Antunes Almeida))

Socalos do Bouro, Loureiro, Vinho Verde, Portugal 2019

100% Loureiro


The Loureiro grape is a native of northern Portugal’s Minho (aka the Vinho Verde region), and, while its name is certainly not a household one, the variety has graced the lips of many wine lovers. This enchantingly radiant rendition combines an intense tropicality with elegant mineralistic flourishes and an appropriately delicate herbal quality (its name does mean “laurel,” after all) that recalls its cool-climated, hilly origins – reminiscent of springtime Appalachia.

Serving Suggestion: Bay leaf-grilled trout w/ mango salsa. Jamaican tempeh turnovers w/ Vidalia, cumin, & mustard seed.

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