Grill-able Spicy Reds (Wine Authorities)

To be clear, no proof of intention to grill in proximity to these delightfully grill-friendly reds is required for purchase. But! If you're not grilling alongside our newest edition of the Spicy Red Pack series, you're only hurting yourself...and probably also the ones you love.

Here it is! This is the latest entry in our tirelessly requested "Big Spicy Reds" lineup, and it's perfect for spring - teaming with rich reds with an eye turned, appropriately, to food-friendliness before it gets too hot to enjoy standing in front of a propane or charcoal induced flame. Spain, Austria, France, Chile, Italy, and Spain (again!) are on board to bring you these fantastic selections. All up in the grill! Copy and paste the url below into your browser to see exactly what's included:

$95.99 each

 (89 in stock)