2019 Rosé, Vaucluse "Sud Absolu" (Ligiere, Domaine La)

Domaine La Ligiere, Vaucluse Rosé "Sud Absolu", Southern Rhone, France 2018

{organic} 100% Carignan


Carignan, with its reputation for robust rusticity, is probably not the grape that you'd immediately suspect upon tasting this vibrantly berryish, lean, clean, and by no means mean rosé from the northwestern fringe of the Provençal countryside. As eloquently balanced as this wine is, we can't help but think of it as the adult equivalent of a raspberry-lemon push pop – served cold and filled with firm red fruit flavors and citrusy tang! This is just one of the many gems from Domaine La Ligière's paradisiacal Southern Rhone vineyards…

Serving Suggestion: Papaya salad w/ grilled squid & pork. Battered & fried cubanelle peppers w/ lemon juice & paprika.

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