2018 Rouge "Initial R" (Rocalière, Domaine la)

Domaine la Rocalière, Rouge "Initial R", Rhone Valley, France 2018

{organic} 80% Grenache, 20% Syrah


Hailing from the western reaches of the Southern Rhone, the red entry into Rocalière's “Initial R” series is an impressive counterpart to the estate’s robust Lirac Rouge and carries itself with a similar heft of the spicy Mediterranean French perfumes collectively known as “Garrigues.” Sèverine Lemoine crafts all of her wines biodynamically, and her attention to detail and work ethic is evident. Full-bodied, energetic, and a little bit rugged, this is an ideal candidate for “house wine” to red wine lovers who demand an additional intensity from their favorite daily tipple. Vive le Mediterranée!

Serving Suggestion: Hamburger (or “lamburger”) w/ Gruyere & rosemary-balsamic seasoned crimini mushrooms. Black bean chili w/ jalapeño, cilantro, cumin, sour cream, & avocado.

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