2019 Sancerre Blanc (Girard & Fils, Domaine Michel)

Domaine Michel Girard & Fils, Sancerre Blanc, Loire Valley, France 2019

100% Sauvignon Blanc


Winemaker Philippe Girard says this about his wine, "pungent fresh grassy aromas mingle with riper citrus-style fruits, rounder and fuller in the mouth but nevertheless finishing with a pure intensity and zippiness that you'd expect in classy Sancerre. Sauvignon Blanc at its best!" We couldn't agree more. That light citrus tropical thing he has going on here is due to the blending of four parcels, each with their own qualities. The sum is truly greater than their parts. A wonderful value and very classic in style.

Serving Suggestion: Goat cheeses, especially those from the Loire Valley or our domestic versions from Looking Glass Dairy or Prodigal Farm.

$25.99 each