2018 Blanc de Noir (Pinot Noir) (Paul Anheuser)

Paul Anheuser, Blanc de Noir, Nahe, Germany, 2017

100% Pinot Noir (white)


Paul Anheuser explains how he goes about making a white Pinot Noir. This is the only wine he produces in 100% stainless steel tanks (so there are no oak flavors to be found) and then employs a clear Bordeaux-style bottle to show off the wine's lovely golden depth. Despite being vinified from Pinot Noir, the wine remains perfectly clear in the absence of skin contact. Yielding a flavor that swarms the palate and enrobes you with unctuous mouth-filling fruit and a body that is rich and powerful, this is the rare white Pinot Noir, and without even changing your name to Ishmael, you can find it here now.

Serving Suggestion: A match for grilled chicken or fish with apricot chutney, tangy vinegar bbq sauce or salads with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette.

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