2016 Bouysselet Blanc ''Le Grand B'' (Colombière, Chateau La)

Chateau La Colombière, Bouysselet Blanc "Le Grand B", Southwest, France 2016

{organic} 100% Bouysselet


When Philippe and Diane Cauvin were researching the history of winegrowing in their local appellation of Fronton, they came across a grape they didn't know existed. Bouysselet, also called Prunelard Blanc, was previously thought to be the lost green-skinned sibling of the black-skinned Gaillac grape Prunelard. Having found a nursery which kept this vine alive for research purposes (but too little for winemaking), they had it propagated and brought back to life in their vineyard. This is the only Bouysselet in existence, farmed organically from a one acre vineyard, and it is a luscious phoenix of flavor!

Serving Suggestions: Lobster grilled rare with tarragon butter. Bay scallops, lightly seared topped with chervil and white pepper. Shrimp sashimi with ponzu.

$29.99 each