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2017 Trousseau "Vignobles les Roussots" (Badoz, Benoit)

Benoit Badoz, Trousseau, Cotes du Jura, France 2017

{organic} 100% Trousseau


After a spell in your decanter, this Trousseau is an experience reminiscent of a soft round of Camembert cheese, baked within a flaky pastry crust, and topped with cranberry compote! How do they cram all that goodness under one cork? Ask Benoit Badoz. Benoit is the tenth generation winemaker of the estate, truing his parcel of the wine would to satisfy both tradition and modernity. If his winemaking technique was a haircut, it’d be a cross between a “high and tight” and a “flock of seagulls.”

Serving Suggestion: Scallops (if seagulls are off the menu) encrusted with hazelnuts and comté cheese!


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