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2018 Bugey Cerdon (Renardat-Fache)

Renardat-F√Ęche, Bugey Cerdon, Vin Mousseaux, Savoie France 2018

{organic} Gamay, Poulsard


Warning: You are about to taste a rare wine which has a cult following from a tiny, obscure French region and we cannot be responsible for your emotional state when the vintage runs out. Yes, it's true. Those who are hooked on Bugey order it in case quantities each spring upon release, and when it's gone there is a support group created just to get through the rest of the year. Bugey is located in eastern France between Lyon and Geneva. This is light pink in color with a touch of effervescence. Served chilled, this wine is an elixir of fresh fruit, bright acidity and tongue tantalizing tingle. Peace be with you this fall.

Serving Suggestion: An aperitif wine for warm days and cool nights to be shared with someone whose eyes you can gaze into as the sun sets, or rises depending on how the evening goes.


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