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2017 Blanc de Noir (Pinot Noir) (Paul Anheuser)

Paul Anheuser, Blanc de Noir, Nahe, Germany, 2017

100% Pinot Noir (white)


Paul Anheuser explains how he goes about making a white Pinot Noir. This is the only wine he produces in 100% stainless steel tanks (so there are no oak flavors to be found) and then employs a clear Bordeaux-style bottle to show off the wine's lovely golden depth. Despite being vinified from Pinot Noir, the wine remains perfectly clear in the absence of skin contact. Yielding a flavor that swarms the palate and enrobes you with unctuous mouth-filling fruit and a body that is rich and powerful, this is the rare white Pinot Noir, and without even changing your name to Ishmael, you can find it here now.

Serving Suggestion: A match for grilled chicken or fish with apricot chutney, tangy vinegar bbq sauce or salads with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette.


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2017 Riesling Kabinett "Schlossböckelheimer König" (Paul Anheuser)

Paul Anheuser, Riesling Kabinett "Schlossbockelheimer Konig", Nahe, Germany, 2015


The Anheuser family tree dates back to the early 1600s in the Nahe region's Bad Kreunznacher. Nothing bad about that. The term "Bad" actually precedes the name of town which specializes in spa activities, and Kreunznacher is renowned for its pristine water and healing climate. Off-dry with a clean, invigorating finish, this ripe, minerally Riesling leaves us feeling as pampered as a weekend at a luxurious retreat.

Serving Suggestion: Baked haddock w/ lemon & tarragon. Mashed sweet potato w/ coconut milk & slaw w/ lime juice, cumin, & cayenne.


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2015 Scheurebe "Kreuznacher" (Paul Anheuser)

Paul Anheuser, Scheurebe "Kreunznacher Monchberg" QbA, Nahe, Germany, 2015

A TOUCH SweET, Herbal, Spiced & Full-Bodied

The Anheuser family tree dates back to 1627 in Germany in Bad Kreunznacher. Bad is a designation for a spa town and Kreunznacher is renowned for its waters and healthy climate. This grape, Scheurebe, is a crossing of Silvaner and Riesling created in 1915. It has quickly become a favorite. The wine is full-bodied and a great introduction to something new.

Serving Suggestions: This is a favorite with honey-roasted ham and pineapple or Turkey and all the fixings with fresh herbs baked under the skin.


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